Tipping points: Investing in distressed real estate assets and debt

Jan 29, 2021
Real estate Distressed real estate

The market for distressed commercial real estate assets and debt is forming, and investors of every shape and size are raising funds and searching for deals that will define their next economic cycle.

But how can real estate funds and fund managers stay competitive while ensuring they hit the right timing, price, and business strategy for distressed deals?

Our e-book, produced in collaboration with Bisnow, explores key tipping points that middle market real estate funds and fund managers should consider when sourcing deals, raising equity, and deploying capital.

In this e-book you’ll learn:

  • How to source and evaluate distressed deals
  • When to enter the distressed market to ensure you’re not overpaying for an asset
  • Where to raise and deploy capital
  • How to manage and optimize distressed real estate funds

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