Demanding more from third-party providers

Making a case for next-generation fund management and administration

Aug 28, 2023

Key takeaways

Tomorrow’s successful funds will be driven by scalable, technology-enabled teams.

Increased data needs require speed and agility through an integrated technology solution.

Outsourcing increases a manager’s responsibilities around vendor management.

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Are your third-party providers helping or hurting your business?

Uncertain market conditions, changing regulations and increasing investor expectations have made your job as a fund manager more challenging and complex than ever. Your expanding list of responsibilities led you to outsource fund management functions so that you could focus on strategy and growth. However, operational challenges keep redirecting your attention to the back-office, making you wonder if your third-party providers align with your goals.

Be more selective to be more effective; raise the bar on expectations

Only service providers with the right mix of credentials and who are adept at navigating evolving challenges can help you gain a competitive edge. Beyond achieving operational efficiencies, it can mean the difference between thriving, stagnating or falling behind.

Understanding how leading private equity firms are demanding more from their third-party service providers will help you align goals so you can get back to growing the business. In our latest insight, we outline the specific criteria service providers must demonstrate to help you succeed, including:

  • Industry and technical experience
  • Scalability
  • Data prowess
  • Access to sophisticated technology
  • Knowledge of tax laws and regulatory changes

Tomorrow’s successful managers will depend on high-performing teams and sophisticated solutions to drive productivity and results. 

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