Operating and financial trends in private clubs in Florida

The 2019-20 Trends in Private Clubs report

The 2019-20 Trends in Private Clubs marks the 45th year of production for this annual report highlighting operating and financial trends of more than 200 clubs throughout Florida—the state with the highest concentration of private clubs.

This report is a nonsolicited statistical review comprised of data compiled from the latest annual reports of private clubs and associations audited by RSM US LLP. This methodology speaks to the integrity of the data and reliability of our findings.

Research over many years and close observation of the club marketplace has clearly demonstrated that private clubs have had to adapt to rapid demographic, societal and financial changes, and there is no sign of those changes slowing down or abating. Clubs have had to react, or die.

The 2019–20 report highlights an increasingly important sentiment in the industry: every club has a financial story to tell. Throughout the report, industry benchmarks offer clubs the ability to compare their situations with other similar organizations. At the same time, clubs are reminded that performance relative to neighboring properties is less telling than performance relative to their individual operating budgets.

While much has been made of the social changes clubs face that drive programming and amenity changes and improvement, successful clubs have three important qualities: a sound governance model; a keen understanding of their regulatory and legislative responsibilities; and a robust focus on the club’s own balance sheet position and its own key capital maintenance indicators.

To explore these and many other financial and operational trends in the industry, download the complete 2019-20 Trends in Private Clubs report.

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