RSM partners with OESA for automotive industry podcast

Tune in: Original Equipment Suppliers Association automotive podcast

Aug 24, 2020
Manufacturing Automotive

RSM US LLP has partnered with the Original Equipment Suppliers Association to provide four unique podcast episodes in support of OESA’s Automotive Insiders podcast series. Designed to address the most pressing issues facing the industry, each episode will feature key insights from leaders of RSM’s automotive team.

On this episode of the podcast, RSM global automotive sector leader Lawrence Keyler and RSM industrials senior analyst Jason Alexander have a conversation with Joe Perkins, CEO of Mobex Global, about improvising to adapt to new priorities as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, dealing with ongoing uncertainty and handling supply chain challenges. Other topics discussed on this episode include the following:

  • Navigating headwinds in a long-term remote work environment
  • COVID-19 safety procedures for manufacturing plants
  • Productivity tools in the new virtual era
  • The challenge of higher employee absenteeism
  • Pandemic-related changes that companies will keep long term

Listen to and/or download the podcast below. We hope you find this discussion valuable and informative, and we thank you for tuning in.

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