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Understand the key considerations, procedures and processes

Trying to decide whether your life sciences company should go public? Operating in the industry’s pharma, biotech and medtech sectors can bring a variety of challenges, not the least of which is raising capital. Launching your initial public offering is a transformative event, and also a complex, distracting and time-consuming transaction that presents high execution risk. Research shows that the most successful public companies started acting like they were public long before the transaction.

A Guide to Going Public includes:

  • Guidance on determining whether your company is ready to go public
  • Considerations for and against going public
  • An overview of the procedures and processes required
  • And more!

Why RSM?

At RSM, we work with you to understand your business strategy and financial reporting requirements through a public-company lens, evaluate your current internal resources and skills, and help construct a realistic readiness road map for reporting, compliance and more.

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