Technology's transformative impact on health care

Are health care systems capitalizing on digital’s opportunities?

Feb 11, 2020
Health care Digital transformation

How are emerging technologies like robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, virtual care and more transforming the way health care systems operate and care for patients? RSM explored this topic in our webcast, The state of digital transformation in health care and the role of virtual health. Senior industry analysts Rick Kes and Matt Wolf provide an overview of the current state of digital transformation in the broad economy as well as in the health care ecosystem.

A portion of the webcast focused on a download of RSM’s 2019 digital transformation survey results. Watch the clip below as Rick provides key survey findings and analysis related to the health care industry on a variety of topics from scalability concerns to the impact of 5G.

In addition, Matt explores the parallels of health care’s burgeoning digital transformation and that of the evolution of Netflix from mail order business model to its digitized state today. Spoiler alert: both trajectories have much to do with meeting evolving consumer preferences. Also, what is Phygital? Watch as Matt explains in this clip.

In addition, the webcast also includes discussion on the opportunities surrounding virtual care and telehealth, featuring representatives from CirrusMD.

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