Real-world ways automation helps health care organizations

Mar 10, 2020
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What are some real-world examples of how emerging technologies like robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more are affecting existing or outmoded health care processes and systems? Further, how could these solutions address the industry’s workforce needs?

RSM explores these topics in our webcast, Health care’s age of automation: Innovations in workflows with a new workforce, featuring Alice Khosravy, management consulting principal and the firm’s health care technology lead. A portion of Alice’s presentation focuses on real-world applications of a variety of emerging technologies, from RPA to AI. She illustrates how these solutions address a multitude of enterprise and patient needs, including clinical, supply chain, analytics, revenue cycle, pharmacy, human resources, data security and more. She also discusses how these solutions address an increasingly tight labor market in the health care sector by automating repeatable processes, freeing up staff members for more critical organizational needs.

Watch the clip below for more on this topic and to learn what’s meant by hyperautomation, a term many in the health care field should be intimately familiar with in this age of automation.

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