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Health care industry outlook: Spring 2023

Apr 25, 2023

Health care industry outlook: Key takeaways

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From workforce costs to high patient volumes, providers face a variety of operational and financial challenges this year.

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Health care continues to prioritize patient data security in an interoperable and growing industry.

M&A opportunities will be available as the health care ecosystem reorients itself.

Health care Economics

Facing challenges ranging from the pandemic’s lingering impact to economic uncertainty, health care organizations continue to work toward new opportunities with the help of advanced technologies and growth strategies.

Health care trend #1: Financial challenges continue into 2023

Financial and operational challenges continue to affect the health care industry. Learn about the challenges and what leaders can consider doing to prepare for the future.

Health care trend #2: Focus is integral to safeguarding health data

As the industry moves toward further digitization of patient care and services, and grows with competition, health care organizations must strategize how to keep their patient data and operations secure from threats. 

Health care trend #3: Deal flow will stabilize and improve as markets settle

Higher interest rates translate to increased costs of capital, lower valuations for businesses, tighter lending standards and lower deal volume. Despite this environment, health care mergers and acquisitions are expected to remain strong through 2023.

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