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Health care industry outlook: Summer 2022

May 20, 2022

Health care industry outlook key takeaways

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Health care organizations continue to face financial obstacles.

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Demand for health care services will keep increasing for the foreseeable future.

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Maintaining tax-exempt status can be challenging for some health care organizations.

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Deal-making in the health care private equity market is off its peak from 2021.

Health care Economics

Facing challenges ranging from the pandemic’s lingering impact to economic uncertainty, health care organizations continue to work toward new opportunities with the help of advanced technologies and growth strategies.

The pandemic’s effects continue to weigh down the health care industry. Rising health care costs and staff shortages are also having a negative impact on the bottom line of many organizations. Technological solutions may be the key to improving their financial well-being.

Tax-exempt health care organizations must take care to maintain their status. One of the most important measures is filling out IRS Form 990, Schedule H, as accurately as possible. Organizations can also highlight their work within their communities to help validate their standing.

After a record 2021, the health care private equity market is cooling off. Although 2022 looks to be another active year, it will likely bring fewer health care PE deals. A reduced supply of investible assets, rising interest rates and financial uncertainty are some of the reasons why.

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