Cloud risk 101 for health care internal auditors

Oct 04, 2022

Key takeaways

IAs should consider how cloud services are onboarded to determine if the process meets enterprise requirements. 

For preexisting cloud services, IA can include new audits in their plans to evaluate how risk is being mitigated. 

Incorporating cloud risk into the annual IA risk assessment can help manage risk in the future.

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Health care organizations are challenged more than ever to deliver patient care and support business functions through flexible, high-quality solutions that are also affordable. Many health care providers are deploying new digital technologies to provide connectivity and health care options that meet the expectations of a modern patient-consumer. However, this increased reliance on patient engagement, accessible information and robotic medical devices introduces threats that cannot be ignored. Data privacy violations or lack of system availability for connected medical devices could have serious consequences for the health care provider.

In our white paper, we present key risks associated with the use of cloud technologies and explain how health care internal auditors can play a critical role in protecting their organization at any stage of the cloud adoption journey.

Originally published by the Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors.

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