Telecommunications companies are experiencing expansion and challenges as the digital needs of consumers and businesses continue to grow. Our solutions to complex issues are crystal clear.

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Telecommunications companies are investing heavily in infrastructure, supporting increased network usage and mapping sustainable paths for growth. As industry leaders advance the nationwide expansion of 5G coverage and invest in network improvements, they may experience regulatory or tax compliance hurdles during their conversion process. 

We offer best-in-class consulting, audit and tax services to cell phone manufacturers, cell tower companies, carriers, data center operators, fiber operators, and satellite companies. We know the industry at a local, national and global level to address the challenges you face and to recommend the resources you need to build future growth.  

In addition to our deep industry knowledge, we have strong, established relationships in the capital markets and investment community. Our goal is to be a trusted advisor for our telecom clients in an environment of complex technical and financial change. 

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