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U.S. Treasury’s Greenbook: A detailed look at potential tax changes


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The U.S. Treasury Department’s tax “Greenbook” and President Biden’s fiscal year 2022 budget, both released on May 28, provide the most detailed information to date on the Biden administration’s tax plans including proposed effective dates and the potential for a retroactive tax increase on long-term capital gains.

The collective impact of these two documents is significant, and while they are just proposals, they will help set the course of tax policy discussions within Congress for the year.

Watch this recorded webcast as we map out the details of the tax changes, what’s new and potential implications to the middle market. We’ll also discuss timing and the obstacles that may prove challenging for the White House and Congress to overcome as measures make their way through the legislative process.

Our tax policy team and Washington National Tax presenters include the following:

James Alex


Areas of focus: Tax Policy

Fred Gordon

Senior Director

Ayana Martinez

Senior Manager, Washington National Tax; National Abilities ENG Leader

Areas of focus: Abilities Employee Network GroupInternational Tax Planning Strategies

Mathew Talcoff

National Industry Tax Leader

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