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Tax policy update: Is the end in sight?


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The tax world’s eyes are on the Senate as it considers tax changes as part of the $1.75 trillion budget reconciliation legislation—also known as the Build Back Better Act. The House passed the bill Nov. 19, and now the Senate is expected to make changes. With a jam-packed December agenda in the evenly divided upper chamber, much uncertainty remains.

RSM’s tax policy team during a 32-minute webcast Dec. 1 provided a detailed update on the tax provisions in the House-approved bill and explained what to expect going forward.

Watch the full video below, noting the following times at which the team began to discuss various topics:

4:34 – Next steps in the legislative process ahead of an eventual Senate vote.

6:31 – The timeline for passage and factors influencing potential action in December.

9:53 – A by-the-numbers breakdown of tax provisions in the House-approved bill.

14:11 – Whether tax changes could be enacted retroactively if the bill is passed in 2022.

15:56 – Details of noteworthy tax provisions in the House-approved bill affecting:

  • individuals (16:08)
  • corporations (18:35)
  • partnerships (20:24)
  • transactions (23:19)
  • multinationals (24:11)
  • retirement plans (25:22)

30:14 – What taxpayers should consider doing now to prepare for the tax changes included in the bill or being negotiated.

For more insights, visit RSM’s Tax Policy Resource Center.

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