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Utilize your nonprofit’s data to drive better decision-making


Many nonprofits manage large amounts of data, but may not fully leverage that information to drive better decision-making and enhance effectiveness. The data flow within organizations is only growing, and manual processes and disconnected tools can often limit efficiency and productivity. However, nonprofits can make adjustments to data tools and strategies to strengthen programs, relationships with constituents and focus on mission initiatives.

Learn how to manage information more effectively to create more actionable data and insights, and improve the performance of your organization. Join us as RSM advisors discuss the opportunities you have to enhance data initiatives and encourage continuous improvement throughout the organization. Topics covered include:

  • How to begin with the end in mind to determine what your organization should measure
  • Where you may be able to implement process changes for more data insight
  • What technologies can help your organization better organize and analyze key data and help drive improved outcomes   

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Nonprofit executives looking to understand best practices for modernizing the finance function in nonprofit organizations


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