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Navigating supply chain challenges and developing a long-term strategy

Join RSM for a live webinar addressing supply chain issues


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Join us for a webcast with leading supply chain and strategy professionals. This webcast will help you understand the current supply chain and operations challenges that the middle market is facing in today’s rapidly changing markets, and how to adjust and build a long-term business strategy given the uncertainly that lies ahead.

In this webcast you will learn:

  • The biggest current challenges the middle market is facing with supply chains
  • How the producer price index increases will continue to affect supply chains
  • How you can always be prepared to navigate continuous change in supply chain
  • The steps you can take to develop a long-term enterprise strategy
  • Examples of middle market clients who have successfully adjusted their strategy to compete in the long term 

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Who should attend
CEOs, boards of directors, chief operating officers, supply chain and operations leaders

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