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RSM is pleased to bring this iMIS webcast series for 2020. Over the course of the year, we’ll take a look at a number of important subjects that iMIS users should be aware of. Topics such as defining your cloud strategy, leveraging the power of data and analytics, iMIS tips and tricks and looking at the latest solution functionality will keep you current and up to date on the latest and greatest information in the community. We look forward to seeing you on our webcasts.

Cloud strategy for the whole association
March 25, 2020

ASI is driving toward iMIS Cloud. This is just one part of a complete cloud strategy. This webcast will touch on all the areas that should be part of a true cloud strategy. How can you turn your server room into a coat closet? This session is going to give you the roadmap to get there. Presenters: Bob Kanzler and Geoff Hopkins

Unleash the power of your iMIS data
May 27, 2020

Data goes in, data doesn't come out. Or does it? This session is designed to allow users to understand the underlying data structures in iMIS and to provide insight into how to link the data together. Whether you are on-premises or online, you can get at your data. This session will allow you to unleash the power that is possessed in your data. Presenters: Faisal Muhammed and Susan Du

iMIS tips and tricks
Sept. 16, 2020

Ever feel like you go into iMIS only to find out there is a shortcut to doing something? This webcast is geared toward just that. How can you do your job faster? What is that one thing that I am doing over and over again that I should have to do only once? This hour will save you time each day to allow you to do things important to the association. Presenter: Jacque Jambrone

What’s in the new iMIS release?
Nov. 11, 2020

One problem we find after implementing a system is that new features come out with each release and don't get incorporated into the day to day. Many times there is no optimization that takes place after a release to take advantage of that feature. In some cases a third party is being used that can be retired due to new core functionality. This session will focus on those features that have been released over the last few versions and highlight the ones we feel are game changers. Presenter: Brenda Barnhart

Cloud strategies for the whole association
March 25, 2020


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Unleash the power of your iMIS data
May 27, 2020

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