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Data privacy: Finding opportunity in the new regulations


Privacy regulations have been making increasingly strident headlines over the last two years. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) have been making headlines, but other privacy regulations are also on the horizon around the world. Organizations can no longer afford to put privacy on the back burner—not only because of seemingly ubiquitous data breaches, but because of stringent new and looming privacy regulations as well. The landscape of privacy regulations is rapidly changing, and companies need to get serious about understanding the impact on their businesses. Changes required by the new regulations, however, can also open new opportunities—and considering these should be central to the effort.

Join RSM for a deep dive into the world of data privacy and what it means for businesses today. We will discuss similarities and differences for some of the top data privacy regulations affecting the middle market today, the risks of noncompliance, how organizations can get a head start on building a robust privacy program, and opportunities that can be found in compliance.

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C-level executives (CEOs, chief information officers, chief financial officers, chief information security officers, chief technology officers, chief security officers, chief operating officers), board members, internal auditors, risk managers and directors/managers of information security


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