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Benefits of an effective outsourcing strategy


In a recently published article, Can outsourcing help your organization neutralize rising labor costs?, RSM technology and management consulting specialists shared insights around the advantages of outsourcing strategies for nonprofits’ accounting, finance and IT functions.

An outsourcing strategy can help nonprofits control costs, modernize processes, and bring fresh ideas and perspectives that can drive innovation. While outsourcing is often associated with for-profit businesses, we also see a clear and relevant tie to the work nonprofit organizations are performing.

Join RSM’s nonprofit specialists for a webcast to learn about the benefits of an effective outsourcing strategy. 

Learning objectives

  • To understand how increasing labor costs are affecting the industry
  • To understand how to drive innovation through strategic outsourcing partnership
  • To obtain best practices in outsourcing models and approaches

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Nonprofit executives looking to understand best practices for outsourcing for nonprofit organizations


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