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Partnership compliance: Getting ready for tax year 2023

Factors to consider for the upcoming filing season

Jan 24, 2024
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Prior to beginning preparations for tax year 2023, what important factors should you keep in mind to best prepare for a successful filing season? Amid regulatory changes, intricate reporting requirements for foreign investors, revision of Form 8308, and heightened documentation demands, the preparation checklist seems longer and less manageable than ever before. Leveraging partnership tax compliance technology to address these key considerations and requirements can help mitigate risk and provide you with the automation necessary to meet stringent deadlines.

The repercussions for incorrectly planning for tax year 2023 could be significant, especially due to the recent IRS announcement that the agency will target partnerships through artificial intelligence. Join our panel of partnership tax advisors for guidance on key considerations to best prepare for a smooth 2023 tax filing season.

Partnerships are facing a multitude of challenges this tax season, including new reporting requirements, increased information demands and heightened IRS enforcement. Key considerations for the tax year 2023 encompass utilizing estimates, documenting allocations, special considerations for lower-tier partnerships, and the impact of recent developments and updated forms. To prepare adequately, access our on-demand webcast recording, accompanying checklist and relevant insights.


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As tax compliance continues to get more complicated, tax returns are understandably taking more time, creating a lot more [timeline] compression, putting upper tier entities into a scramble to file on time.
Jason Lunte, Partner

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