Eight reasons why working in PCS is great

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Private Client Services (PCS) is a personal, hands-on practice at RSM that provides trusted, credible advice to high net-worth individuals and families, family offices, C-Suite executives and business owners. Our national PCS leaders Andy Swanson, Tony Wood, Mathew Talcoff and Benjamin Berger broke down the top eight qualities that make working in PCS great!

1. It’s personal

"Working with PCS clients is as personal as it gets. Your role as their advisor makes a difference in their life and affects how they run their business and how they take care of their families and employees." – Matt

2. It’s interesting

"The work is always interesting, and you never know what role you will play. Some days I am a business advisor, a tax planner or sometimes even a psychologist. You never know what your client may need and you get the chance to wear different hats." – Andy

3. It encourages communication

"Communication is the foundation of this practice. I enjoy talking with my client to understand their situation and figuring out the process for them to experience a positive outcome." – Matt

4. It stimulates a sense of ownership and responsibility

"You get to see the ultimate result of your work. You get to be closer to the action and therefore make a bigger impact." – Ben

5. It sparks curiosity

"Many times the question being asked is not really the question at all. We must be curious about our clients’ issues and dig deeper to discover more. Often we are able to uncover needs that our client may have never realized." – Andy

6. It’s collaborative

"This practice is extremely collaborative. You get to collaborate directly with your client to come up with tailored solutions. Additionally, you may discover needs that require you to collaborate with other sectors of the firm. I’ve leveraged professionals from other practices at RSM to help with specific needs." – Tony

7. It inspires critical thinking

"It’s less about looking backwards and more about critical thinking for the future. We help our clients plan for their life ahead, so we must critically think about solutions to implement for future impact." – Ben

8. We’re a family

"The PCS practice at RSM is like a big family. We work closely together and spend a lot of time planning and executing collaboratively. In turn, we’ve become great friends and support each other in our personal lives. We know when there are celebrations and family milestones with our team members." – Tony

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