United States

Brian Riordan

National Interfaith ENG Leader, Senior Manager

Areas of focus: Interfaith Employee Network Group, Real Estate, Tax


CDI experience

Brian serves as the national leader of RSM’s Interfaith employee network group, which supports its members in their faith-related activities, business initiatives and community service. He formerly served as the Interfaith leader for the firm’s Great Lakes region.

When Brian joined RSM in 2014, he was intrigued by the firm’s approach to culture, diversity and inclusion and the breadth of the employee network groups offered. A father and person of faith, he initially joined the Family First and Interfaith ENGs, and his intrigue transformed into excitement when he quickly realized that joining ENGs that were different than his background would offer him insights and allow him to better understand diversity. His CDI journey has provided him with experiences he would not have had otherwise and the people he has have provided him with the ability to better understand how our differences make RSM stronger. 

Summary of experience

Brian is a tax senior manager with RSM’s real estate tax group and is based out of the Chicago office.

Interfaith employee network group

Interfaith members—who represent many faiths including Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish and Hindu—find support in practicing and helping others understand their faith.

Interfaith’s activities include leadership training, community service and sharing beliefs and customs associated with various faiths. Rooted in their beliefs, members support and encourage excellence in the workplace.


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