Meet John St Amand, our 2022 Working Father of the Year

Diversity, equity, inclusion

Born and raised in Canada, John became a U.S. (dual) citizen in 2018. He is a single father of three kids, Hunter (16), Jackson (14) and Camille (5) and is known for being a standout leader and a consistent model of RSM’s culture, demonstrating the power of being understood, our firm values, and our 5C’s of being caring, collaborative, courageous, curios and a critical thinker. Despite his busy professional schedule as a portfolio director out of our Davenport, IA office, John is known for making his family a top priority.

In his own words 

When I look back at that little boy in Canada, I could not have imagined nor hoped I would be as fortunate as I am now with overall good health, great friends and even greater children. Hunter and Jackson, my two eldest, have been an absolute dream to raise. They’re reaching an age where I’m able to enjoy and benefit from many of their life experiences: movies, music or television shows that I would otherwise have missed or didn’t appreciate from my own lens at their age, for example. Watching them develop – how much of me they are and are not at the same time – is fascinating. There’s also nothing like a child’s ability to keep you grounded – when you have a great day at work and pat yourself on the back for an achievement, there’s nobody better to help keep your ego in check and remind you that you’re not “all that”.

John St Amand

I was also blessed with the little girl I had hoped for and I’m thankful that she came into my life when she did – in my forties when I have enough perspective to slow down and enjoy all the quiet moments that I might have missed with the boys. Every time she points out the birds chirping, a lightning bug, a school bus, or a firetruck, it reminds me how much just fades into the background for us and that we should actively try to live each moment to the fullest. Her endless sweetness and positivity also inspire me to support those qualities and nurture them in her, her brothers and myself. 

It’s hard for me to express how honored and humbled I am to receive the “Working Father of the Year” award at RSM. Even on my own team internally here at the firm, there are so many deserving dads. This award has helped me to pause and reflect on my own perception of parenting. It’s easy and natural to be hard on ourselves and focus on our shortcomings as a parent – the times we didn’t get enough sleep or had a mental hangover from an issue weighing on us. However, as many of my mentors have taught me, it’s important to give ourselves grace and remember it’s not an easy world to live in these days for anyone – our kids included.

Culture, diversity and inclusion at RSM

Being an equitable and inclusive firm where diverse talent excels is a critical part of RSM’s culture—it’s one of the things that sets us apart.

Thousands of personalities make up RSM. Our inclusive workplace celebrates the differences among our talented people, while enabling their success at work and in their personal lives. Diversity is a journey, not a destination.