RSM alumni: The power of staying connected

Whether your time at RSM was long, short or somewhere in between, as an alumnus, you remain a valued part of the extended RSM family. It’s a community built on gratitude for the contributions of all who walk through our doors, and in support of the new adventures they embrace on their career journey.

RSM’s Alumni Network provides opportunities and resources to help former colleagues stay connected with the firm and each other and to continue to grow in the profession. 

Here are ways you can benefit: 

  • Join our RSM US Alumni LinkedIn Group, which provides a forum for former colleagues and friends across the globe to network and find the latest news. The main vehicle for staying connected, the RSM US Alumni LinkedIn group also features interviews and spotlight stories about RSM alumni and provides an avenue for mentorship and personal growth.
  • Sign up for our mailing list to receive emails and newsletters based on the topics and industries that align with your interests and goals.  
  • Visit our careers site for employment opportunities.
  • View our upcoming events & CPE Opportunities RSM hosts webcasts, seminars and live events throughout the year, many of which offer continuing professional education opportunities 

Get connected

All of our people—whether they work at RSM their entire career or go on to other great opportunities—are part of the fabric of our firm. While your time at RSM may be behind you, we encourage you to experience the power of staying connected. 

Join the RSM US Alumni LinkedIn group now.