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2017 Power Your Education Scholarship Program Winners


Congratulations to our 2017 Power Your Education scholarship program recipients. Through this scholarship, each winner received $10,000 for the 2017/2018 academic year from the RSM US Foundation.

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Fatima Batool
Accounting major at California State University, Northridge

“I am a trilingual henna and make-up artist. I am also a baker and love glass painting.”

  Stephanie Charen
  Accounting and Finance major at Arizona State University

“Something that makes me unique is my passion for exploration. I love being able to see, learn, and appreciate new things because it allows me to have a perspective on life that many others do not.”

Jesus Juarez
Accounting major at University of Houston

“What makes me unique is my aspiration in life: to help others grow. I believe the best way to find out who you are is through losing yourself in serving others. This is my passion; service above self.”

  Lydia Mammen
  Accounting major at University of Houston

“Something I consider unique is that I've had the privilege to learn and grow in different contexts. What makes me unique are the experiences that have strengthened, chiseled, and formed my character.”

  Suede Mora
  Business management major at Texas A&M University

“My unwavering want to help others has by far defined my personal brand ever since I was given the blessing of a better life by moving to Texas. I seek to teach and grow others while challenging myself.”

  Katherine Ryan
  Finance and political science major at Binghamton University

“I love jumping outside of my comfort zone; doing so has helped me grow as a person. That is why I strike up conversations with strangers, travel to foreign countries, and try to learn wherever I go."

  Harrison Schodt
  Accounting and music major at East Carolina University

“Interestingly enough, I am studying Accounting/Music at the same time! What a combination! In the international world of business, being fluent in the universal language of music will come in handy!”

  Taylor Sledz
  Marketing and supply chain management major
  at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“I have 8 wisdom teeth!  Almost every night at college, I call my younger sister to help tutor her in math, and we both joke that I can never get them pulled out of fear that I will lose my wisdom!”

   Andrew Stearns
  Business administration – accounting major
  at University of Washington, Seattle

“I'm an accounting student who gets out of his comfort zone by stage managing musicals, sound improvising for comedy shows, and acting as a country in model UN—plus I make very customized excel sheets.”

  Meagan Vincent
  Accounting and Spanish major at the University of Alabama

“I have the ability to connect with all people regardless of age and ethnicity. As a Spanish speaker and ESL tutor, I've developed an understanding of different cultures, and I teach all ages.”

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