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Rolling up our sleeves to support our communities


If you’ve ever wondered why people across the country often sport red noses in the middle of May each year, it might not be just that they were a little overexposed to the sun. May 23 is Red Nose Day, which is all about “making it fun to make a difference”. The mission of this special day is to end child poverty by funding programs that keep children safe, healthy and educated.

And that mission aligns well with the RSM Foundation’s focus on building tomorrow’s middle market leaders by: 

  • Enhancing educational outcomes through programs to help put individuals on paths to become entrepreneurs or middle market business leaders, and
  • Supporting organizations committed to providing stable environments for youth in the areas of hunger, housing and health, and to help them excel in education.

This sense of stewardship has been one of our core values since our firm was founded in 1926. For more than 90 years now, our people have been giving back to the communities where we live and work. And today, we’re gearing up for our annual focus on volunteerism. In just under two months, thousands of our people nationwide will be volunteering for hundreds of nonprofit organizations during our national Volunteer Week. (While we’ve had a focused approach to volunteerism for 10 years now, we’re expanding that to a full week this year, in large part because of our the passion our people have for their communities.) 

So while we might not be donning red noses, we’ll be rolling up our sleeves to help make the communities where our people live and work better. That’s how we define stewardship, after all: leaving things better than we found them.

And we’re looking forward to doing just that this July 29 – Aug. 2 during our national Volunteer Week, as we celebrate “a decade of doing”!

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