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Technology trends for 2012


At the midpoint of 2012, we are seeing several technology trends that are prevalent in the marketplace. Businesses are increasingly taking advantage of opportunities to utilize advances in technology to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their businesses. The following are three of the most popular technology strategies that businesses are implementing as we move into the summer.

There continues to be a lot of activity in the outsourcing area, as the economy improves and many companies are starting to grow. However, many businesses don't necessarily want to hire internally, or don't have the capability as many IT positions have become highly specialized and complex. Therefore, they are looking at how technology can help increase productivity and ROI for their business. Many have begun looking at outside firms as an alternative, who can offer a full suite of services as well as security, scalability and continuity.

An outside partner can provide the applications, infrastructure or corporate performance and business process skill sets that can help businesses grow without having to fully invest in staff positions. It is a more cost-effective solution, and companies can confidently implement strategies without the fear of high turnover that is prevalent with technology positions. Scalability is also a key benefit of outsourcing specific technology positions, or even the entire IT department, as it is much easier to increase or decrease resources as business needs dictate.

Accounting software upgrades
Since Y2K, many companies have not implemented new enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems or accounting software. These companies have typically been band-aiding their systems and we are starting to see a significant amount of activity as companies need to upgrade their systems. When a company decides to upgrade, they must next determine whether they want their systems housed in the cloud, on-premise or a combination of the two. Beyond that, there are a host of other key decisions that must be made regarding implementation and system selection.

A trusted advisor can help determine the best route for your company, developing the most beneficial plan and helping to choose the right systems. There are many more choices now than there have been in the past and a partner that understands your industry and the goals for the business is imperative to making the right software decision. It is also critical to have the right infrastructure, security and risk measures in place, and people, processes and technology must be aligned in order for a new implementation to be successful.

The rapid spread of smart phones and tablets have increased expectations for access and interaction with resources. These new capabilities are driving businesses to start to evaluate the best way to give access anywhere at any time to their systems. Whether it is through dashboards or other applications, our society is increasingly expecting to work on the move and expects up to date information on analytics and key business drivers real-time with an intuitive platform.

The cloud concept and mobility ties systems and infrastructure together to deliver an application through the Web or a mobile device. It is a significant area of growth that is experiencing a lot of demand, but there are several critical areas to consider. First, you must be sure that your systems are capable of delivering the information necessary for a successful mobility platform; older systems just cannot deliver the essential information in an effective manner. There also must be a comprehensive mobility plan deployed to account for the myriad of risks if your business chooses to adopt such a strategy.

These are only three of the many technology services that companies are implementing in 2012 to cut costs, increase productivity and work more efficiently. The impact of recent advances in technology to every industry cannot be ignored. It is important to evaluate your current processes to ensure that you have the right technology strategy and capabilities in place to be truly effective and meet your business goals.

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