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At RSM US LLP, we understand how unpredictable issues with technology infrastructure can disrupt your organization. Systems run out of space or miss an important update, risking unnecessary chaos and unplanned expense. Worse yet, systems crash or just act up, and problems go unnoticed until you miss an important deadline. To help overcome these issues, the RSM managed IT services programs provide continuous network infrastructure monitoring to help maximize technology investments and user productivity.


Established in 1993 with four locations and members around the world, a wellness advocacy organization has grown significantly over the past 10 years. At the end of 2014, the organization had provided aid to more than 150 million individuals.

The organization outsourced its IT operations, but grew dissatisfied with its provider because of a lack of attentiveness and a low level of network support. As a result, member satisfaction steadily declined, as access to systems was intermittent and often systems were down for long periods. To maintain their mission of providing wellness to individuals throughout the world, the organization began searching for a new IT partner that would deliver better service and be more responsive.


The organization’s management selected the RSM managed services solution to help maximize their return on technology investments. The RSM team began the project with a needs assessment to determine the organization’s desired results and the level of support required, taking time to evaluate and understand the network and unique user environment from staff to volunteers to partner organizations and how they all need to interact.

RSM advisors act as the organization’s full-time IT staff, managing and monitoring its networks, maintaining a secure organization, and an external help desk function manages a wide range of technology issues from printing problems to resetting passwords.

RSM's managed IT services provides the organization with seamless access to qualified IT personnel, allowing its staff and volunteers to focus on the core mission—increasing the health and well-being of their over 150 million beneficiaries.

RSM monitors the organization’s IT systems remotely, 24 hours a day, identifying and preventing problems before they can become serious. The team also performs software updates and advises the organization when new hardware and software expenditures are necessary. In addition, RSM conducts quarterly reviews of the organization’s network performance and advises its leadership, helping the organization make wise technology decisions.


RSM provided the wellness organization with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to network infrastructure monitoring and beyond. The program provided our client with a much higher level of attentiveness and technology advice—both on-site and off-site—which enabled internal personnel to increase productivity and concentrate on core competencies. RSM's managed IT services team helped the organization manage current technology needs to increase constituent satisfaction, and facilitate better decision-making for future investments.

In addition, the RSM managed IT services program has resulted in the following benefits:

  1. A more stable, efficient and effective network
  2. Increased satisfaction from end users
  3. Increased dependability and redundancy from new technology applications
  4. More efficient backups, with periodic checkups
  5. Significant cost savings

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