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Advanced systems and timely advice help Century Martial Arts excel

RSM helps martial arts leader’s systems evolve to enable growth


Century Martial Arts is the United States’ largest supplier of martial arts equipment, with extensive operations including research and development, manufacturing, and distribution. Faced with growth opportunities, Century began working with RSM over a decade ago because its legacy systems were outdated, restricted further expansion and scaling.

An expanding relationship to optimize operations

In the video above, learn how the relationship between Century and RSM has grown over the years and enabled the retailer to further establish itself as the leader in the industry. From Microsoft Dynamics 365 to e-commerce, Microsoft Office, customer relationship management and multiple system upgrades, RSM has taken pressure off Century’s internal resources and provided them with the tools to move the company forward.    

In addition, read a case study to learn more about RSM’s relationship with Century and how implementing Microsoft Dynamics revolutionized key business processes across the organization.

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