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ERP and CRM solution provides immediate answers to childcare franchise

Goddard Systems


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Named by Entrepreneur magazine as the “#1 Childcare Franchise in the United States,” Goddard Systems Inc. is quickly expanding the Goddard School® network throughout the United States.

Five years ago, Goddard Systems was opening 25 schools a year. Last year, that number grew to 42 new schools. With this kind of growth, they are well on their way to reaching their goal of 50 schools per year. If they continue at this current pace, their business could easily double in size within the next five years.

Today, Goddard Systems supports 285 schools nationwide. Their operation is so successful because of the information they can generate from their CRM Relationships and Entities for forecast planning within the industry.

RSM implemented a Microsoft Dynamics® GP and CRM Business Solution, and Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server. Goddard wanted a system to support its franchises and to manage their back office operations.

Goddard was also looking for a solution that would manage key relationships. Using CRM Entities, Goddard is managing the following relationships:

  • New franchising prospects
  • Franchise owners
  • Real estate development to build schools
  • Construction management
  • Daily operations of schools
  • Quality assurance
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Lead management (Child Registration)
  • IT help desk
  • Franchise relation help desk
  • Competition management

Microsoft SharePoint is integrated with Dynamics® CRM and used as a portal, creating a two-way communication with Goddard (corporate) and the school owners. These connections provide secure, real-time access to information, such as new child inquiries, quality assurance review, financial data and much more.


  • Better collaboration between departments and school owners
  • Tighter integration of critical business systems – financial system, relationship management and project management
  • Fewer manual operations
  • Streamlined workflows and business processes
  • Extended visibility into all areas of the business

They said it
“Microsoft Dynamics® CRM was a facilitator for our growth. Before Microsoft Dynamics® CRM was installed, we were managing our records in Excel spreadsheets among multiple departments, resulting in inconsistent information among departments and our customers. Since the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, information has been centralized between departments and processes were developed. Gone is the time when it took four to five days to get an answer, now answers are available immediately in the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM system.”

— William Mackey, Director, Information Technology, Goddard Systems Inc.