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Reaction and Response - the new face of business

Weather disasters, electric power interruptions and other emergencies are some of the reasons your organization needs an up-to-date disaster recovery plan. Rely on RSM to help strengthen your information technology infrastructure and equip your teams to respond quickly and confidently. Options range from Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solutions housed in secure data centers, to cloud-based replication and private cloud back-up solutions.

Recovery blueprint services can help safeguard data, ensure continuity for networks and provide redundancy for servers and email/web connections. Whatever the situation, RSM is your on-call resource.

Planning, design and implementation services are just a click away, whether you’re updating a disaster recovery plan or adapting one to a new cloud-based IT system. Even non-technical elements of reporting, policy development, escalation and staffing are second-nature to RSM’s advisor teams. We help organizations ensure that people are prepared to respond to unexpected events. Deep industry expertise, particularly in regulatory environments, ensures compliance with state, federal and international rules on record retention, data fidelity, storage and disposal.

How can RSM support your response?

When was the last revision to your Disaster Recovery plan?

If it’s been more than two years, consider the many significant software updates and personnel changes that have probably taken place. People are constantly installing and removing devices, changing cloud applications and moving files.

Could RSM Disaster Recovery-as-a-service reduce downtime and expenses?

Yes, in many cases, a simple turnkey assessment and review can save time and preserve staff resources for essential tasks. Service-based systems help your budgeting and needs-based models for hardware and software. Your RSM team can advise on ‘buy it or build it’ decisions, as you explore options for supporting critical infrastructure.

Cloud-based operations create unique challenges

Real-time data requires a solid backup plan and collaboration with suppliers, partners and customers to preserve reliable ongoing operations. Determine your need for backup – from electric power to telephone, email and data storage – when setting standards for availability, service-level agreements and customer response.

Add RSM to your recovery management team

Business continuity is the aim – to keep operating, even through an emergency. Part of that conversation calls for being prepared with the support and assets to help your people get their jobs done. RSM’s national resources and consultants make the difference.

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