NetSuite for E-commerce

Online sales are growing. However, increased sales stress integration points between disparate systems. Regulatory challenges from PCI to tax compliance also challenge management and distract from the core business objectives. RSM can help.

NetSuite has designed a specific solution for companies that are focused on selling their product Online. NetSuite is the only solution that integrates ERP, CRM and a Database-Driven e-commerce platform in one comprehensive business management suite. NetSuite allows you to run your entire company from the cloud and makes it possible for you to deliver an "enterprise-class" experience to your customers similar to what they might see when they visit, eBay or market leading websites at a fraction of the cost. NetSuite allows your company to significantly reduce overhead costs - from infrastructure to personnel to IT – and operate more quickly, efficiently and profitably.

NetSuite's solution for e-commerce companies offers many benefits, including:

One Solution for All Operations: Using NetSuite to run your e-commerce company means that you have one system to run all your operations. An integrated system eliminates the need to re-key data between systems and the time, errors, and cost associated with these silos of data.

Unify Sales Channels: NetSuite for e-commerce companies allows you to operate across many different Channels – Online, Mobile, Social, Brick and Mortar Retail and Call Center. The same products can be made available through all channels, or you can target products based on the channel a customer is using with Multi-Channel Commerce. Customers can use any channel or use multiple channels – ordering online and picking up or returning to a brick and mortar location. However you work with clients, all inventory, customer data and financial information is in one place.

Dynamic Merchandising: NetSuite allows you to feature products differently in different channels – displaying products by most popular in one channel, most overstocked in a second and best ranked in another. You can even publish products to shoppers based on their location, purchase history, and even their historical profitability. NetSuite also supports recommendations based on correlations – for example, "People who purchased this product also purchased…" recommendations.

Great Looking, Customizable Storefronts: NetSuite allows you to build a custom storefront on the NetSuite platform, build a site using a wide variety of website templates or integrate an external, custom-built website. Custom websites can be built using industry standard tools, like HTML and CSS. Best of all, once the website is built, business users can update most aspects of the site - including adding/removing products, updating prices, changing product images, etc. – using a "click-not-code" process.

NetSuite Buyer's Guide

In this guide, you'll find information on NetSuite pricing, product comparisons, a free trial, and instructions on how to qualify and purchase. For a more detailed breakdown on pricing options, download our FREE NetSuite buyer’s guide.

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Sell Globally, Profit Locally: NetSuite websites support multiple languages, currencies, taxes/VAT, subsidiaries and international shipping prices and documentation, which allow you to easily sell your unique products and services worldwide. Using NetSuite OneWorld, sales for each country can be managed by a different business unit or company with its own financial books, with all the data rolling up to the parent company. NetSuite even allows you to easily set unique pricing based on the customer's country or region by converting currencies to the base price in dollars, or by letting you set the price in the other currency, so that it's more predictable for your international customers.

Use One System to Manage Multiple Webstores: NetSuite allows you to create multiple webstores that can all be controlled from one NetSuite account. This allows you to target each site to a specific customer segment or sell different types of products in category-specific webstores. Each webstore can use a unique domain, so you can take advantage of targeted domain names. Each site can have the same or different sets of products, be in any language and currency, or even have different business models (B2B or B2C).

Shopping and Merchandising Tools: Websites built using NetSuite include secure shopping cart functionality, integrated real-time credit card processing with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance and multi-level fraud protection, coupons, gift certificates, cross-selling and more. Many of these tools are also available to websites that are integrated to the NetSuite solution.

Customer Self-Service: Give your customers the ability to log into your website and easily track shipments, review their purchase histories, request returns, view support cases they have logged, update their account information, easily re-purchase individual products or entire orders, download digital goods, review and approve quotes, pay outstanding bills, and more.

Integrated, Real-Time Inventory Management: When you use NetSuite, your site will show real-time inventory availability that is updated in real time, based on your actual inventory levels. You have the option to display inventory amounts to your shoppers and even tell them how much is available in each physical location. You can set the website to automatically remove out-of-stock products from your website or keep selling them.

Seamless Order Management and Fulfillment: NetSuite provides an order management workflow that can be customized to match your company's businesses processes. This allows efficient operations to fulfill your orders, and allows you to scale and handle more orders with the same fulfillment team. The workflow can include a separate order approval process that reviews by exception, only red flagging orders that meet pre-defined criteria. Fulfillment can be split up into separate pick, pack and ship steps. Seamless integration with UPS, FedEx and USPS allows you to generate real-time pricing, print shipping labels, generate customs documentation and automatically send out tracking numbers—all from within NetSuite.

Affiliate Management: Track all of the leads and sales coming from your affiliate network, report on every sale, automatically calculate commissions and provide your affiliates password-protected access to this information. Affiliate marketing programs can be a powerful driver of e-commerce sales, and NetSuite helps you to manage and expand your network.

Pricing and Promotions: NetSuite allows you to set different pricing levels for the same item for different customers, offer discounts or special pricing based on the channel your visitor used or offer volume discounts. Promotions to encourage sales of specific items or group of items can also be established with a few clicks. This flexibility in pricing and promotions allows you to use pricing as a way to provide value to different customer segments.

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