Microsoft Dynamics 365 food and beverage solutions

Leveraging a long and proven track record in food and beverage with the largest Dynamics 365 practice in the United States, RSM consultants are uniquely positioned to deliver high-value ERP solutions built for the speed and scale of the modern food and beverage marketplace.

For growers, producers, manufacturers and distributors, gone are the days of “making do” with limited visibility into disconnected, cobbled-together systems.

Today’s Dynamics 365 ushers in a new era of dynamic operations—one in which a single, unified, end-to-end solution enables clients to fuel innovation, boost productivity, capture real-time opportunities and flexibly run their business on their own terms—all while delivering authentic, relevant, responsive experiences that engage customers in this demanding, global omnichannel environment. 

Tailor-made Dynamics 365 solutions address industry needs, unleash opportunity

While RSM’s Dynamics 365 consultants are seeing many food and beverage companies experiencing unprecedented opportunities for growth, most industry segments will first require solutions to address their own unique challenges:


Requirements to accommodate the special needs of dairy financials and cost accounting


Requirements around ensuring both freshness and food-safety compliance, including the Product Traceability Initiative

Meat and poultry

Pressure to increase incremental revenue through the enhanced use of byproducts, while also managing traceability of raw materials and finished products through all stages of the supply chain


Complexities associated with managing worldwide suppliers and tracking hundreds of seafood species, while also complying with federal regulatory mandates, such as the Food Safety Modernization Act

Grocery Manufacturer

Requirements to efficiently manage the complexities surrounding sourcing of multiple ingredient types and volumes from multiple vendors

Private Label

Efficiently handling complexities and pressures around selling private-label branded products to big box retailers, who often demand more stringent safety standards than regulatory entities


Safely addressing increased risk exposure from multiple processing operations, introducing multiple opportunities for contamination

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 RSM delivers unique solutions to our food and beverage clients

Uniquely positioned to help food and beverage clients grow and scale their businesses, simplify and speed processes, and make smarter, faster, better-informed decisions, RSM consultants specialize in addressing just these types of industry challenges, delivering measurable improvements and efficiencies to critical business operations. Watch our video to learn about RSM's Microsoft Dynamics solutions for food and beverage.

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Technically speaking, RSM delivers the best of both worlds    

Leveraging their position as a nationally recognized Microsoft Dynamics Business Solution Partner and top-tier Microsoft Gold Partner, RSM is home to the largest Dynamics 365 practice in the United States and several of the most recognized Dynamics 365 developers from around the globe, some of whom played instrumental roles in the recent global launch of the thoroughly reimagined, cloud-first, Dynamics 365, as well as authored key functional areas that are now core offerings of the product. To such impressive technical credentials, RSM consultants also bring a commensurate level of industry-specific food and beverage knowledge in functional areas such as:

  • Lot trace and safety
  • Direct store delivery
  • Mobile solutions (mAX sales) 
  • Blend optimizer
  • Trade promotions management
  • Producer payroll
  • Grower accounting
  • End-to-end dairy accounting
  • CLEARthru for Consumer Mobile Traceability

Attempting to tackle these formidable challenges without the benefits of a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) system from RSM could significantly hamper growth prospects.

Dynamics 365 delivers industry-specific solutions for industry-wide pain points

With business-critical concerns ranging from technologies that change at a moment’s notice, to expanding regulatory requirements, to increasing cost pressures, to demands from consumers, to how quickly goods can be brought to market—such complicated, interwoven challenges define this industry’s operational landscape, and include:

  • Disparate, unconnected systems that provide little to no real-time visibility into data and offer little value
  • Inability to cut costs to reach profitability goals or effectively offset the cost of increasing requirements
  • Cost effective production and distribution of goods no longer a guarantee of growth, success or survival
  • Increasingly diverse and distributed customers expect personalized service and experiences—on their terms
  • Customer and business data increasingly driving the enterprise—and exponentially raising stakes for security
  • Informed, connected customers with myriad choices, fueling expectations and demands around quality and service
  • Realities of the global economy mean accommodating multilanguage, multicurrency, multisite capabilities

Yet these and related challenges are the very complexities a true industry-specific solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 is built for, from the ground up.  Adding food and beverage accelerators from RSM to enhance out-of-the-box functionality from day one, simplifies how businesses meet many standard industry-specific challenges.  

Striking a balance to savor success, with Dynamics 365 as a competitive differentiator

As today’s food and beverage organizations strive to strike the perfect balance of competition and compliance, or of efficiency and personalization, applying the right technology solution has never been more critical. Strategically investing in industry-specific solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 hones competitive advantage, enabling:

  • Smarter, leaner, more efficient operations, alongside necessary compliance measures
  • Advances in automation as critical components of business transformation initiatives
  • Integration and connection that drive visibility, innovation and sustainable growth, yet keep data and customers secure
  • Leveraging of big data and business intelligence to drive actionable insights and smarter decision-making
  • Keeping pace with emerging markets, fast-growing channels and changes in consumer culture


    “With help from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and RSM, we can maintain Peet’s un-compromising focus on delivering the freshest roast-to-order coffee beans possible in minimal time. We can execute flawlessly, every day.”




Microsoft has recognized RSM with a gold Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) competency in the Microsoft Partner Network as well as a Global Independent Software Vendor (GISV) status. RSM has also been awarded some of Microsoft’s most prestigious awards in vertical-specific areas. 

  • Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics
  • Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD)
  • Global Development Localization Partner Advisory Board
  • RFID Partner Advisory Council
  • Dynamics 365 X++ Development I
  • Dynamics 365 X++ Development II
  • Dynamics 365 Enterprise Portal Development I
  • Dynamics 365 Advanced Administration
  • Reporting and Business Analysis for Dynamics 365

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