Sage Intacct for franchises

As a franchise grows, its accounting often grows increasingly complicated—and consequently more inefficient. Sage Intacct not only helps a franchise grow efficiently, it improves and simplifies consolidations (reducing the time from days to just minutes). This grants more visibility across multiple locations, erasing data silos.

Multi-entity accounting

Within Sage Intacct, you can easily and quickly add entities as you acquire and build new locations. With a shared chart of accounts and dimension structure, all the basics are already set up, and you can set up new entities within a short amount of time. The multi-entity structure also allows you to create all intercompany transactions automatically: You’ll no longer have to move back and forth between entities, manually creating the intercompany payables and receivables. Additionally, the multi-entity structure lends you the ability to give managers and directors access to just their locations. Dashboards with real-time visibility can be built into each of those locations.

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Sage Intacct allows for reporting based on a single location or multiple locations at once. Consolidating all your entities into a single report is as simple as pressing a button. Sage Intacct also allows you to effortlessly compare all entities or a specific grouping of entities—no need to export files to Excel and consolidate manually through complicated or broken formulas. Intacct’s reporting and dashboards can also be utilized to create KPIs that offer real-time insight into your company’s use of statistical and financial data.

Open API

Sage Intacct’s open API allows you to connect to any of your outside systems, including Point of Sale. No more manual weekly or monthly entries, which lack insight into your daily sales. Open API automatically brings in the daily POS entry to provide further awareness of each entity’s financial health and viability.

Automate workflows

Whether you use a custom purchasing workflow or straight AP bill approval, Sage Intacct can automate that workflow, reducing manual signatures or email approvals outside the system. Approvals of purchasing transactions, AP bills or payments can all be made directly within Sage Intacct, improving visibility into transactions and eliminating the attachment of manual approvals to the transactions.

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