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Make your data a strategic asset

Data should be one of your greatest assets. Trustworthy, integrated, quality data enables evidence-based business decisions, drives productivity and excellence and promotes collaboration and communications.

To maximize its use, however, data needs to be treated like any other key asset – that means defining a strategy for its use and how it will be managed.

RSM’s business intelligence (BI) services encompass the people, processes and enabling technology that can help you transform your data into an enterprise asset and a competitive advantage, including:

BI Rapid Assessment®
The challenges related to leveraging your data are many – whether it’s getting started with reporting and analytics or addressing a specific issue associated with an existing capability. A BI Rapid Assessment helps you quickly evaluate the situation and provides you with pragmatic recommendations and solutions.

Frequently, clients request rapid assessments to address specific issues, including data quality, data architecture or wider challenges, such as data governance or a current BI implementation. We tailor the assessment to meet your organization’s unique challenges.

Data strategy and road map
Your BI strategy and road map are the vision and pragmatic implementation guidelines leading to robust reporting and analysis. They are critical to moving your organization to true evidence-based decision-making and driving innovation. Your BI strategy should align with your business goals, identify the required supporting processes and organizational constructs and outline the overall enabling technology.

Data governance
Data governance provides the framework that enables raw data to become a strategic, enterprise asset. Our data governance framework helps you objectively align your organization’s business with its business goals, define enterprise data and prioritize and manage data-related initiatives.

Data architecture
The proper data architecture helps you control overall technology spend, reduce development time, enforce consistency and facilitate consistent reporting and analytics. It can also make it easier to manage your data, determine the impact of requested changes and evaluate new technology. By developing a common data platform, you’ll be better prepared to meet your data consumers’ diverse reporting and analytics needs.

Why RSM?
Creating a strategic asset from disparate data calls for experienced BI professionals. At RSM, our professionals work with businesses of all kinds, sharing leading practices and enterprise-level frameworks.

We collaborate with you and your staff to align your BI capabilities with your unique business goals and objectives. Together, we establish the strategy and pragmatic road map to get you where you need to be and design an effective architecture to maximize technology decisions and provide consistency in reporting and analytics.

Your data is a significant asset. Call RSM to begin taking advantage of it.

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