Salesforce data migration services

Transforming your data into a more usable asset

Data is at the heart of every business. If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed. RSM has helped hundreds of organizations take more control of their data through best practices and extensive experience in data management. RSM has performed both small- and large-scale data migrations, cleansing, normalizing, transforming and migrating data from multiple sources.

RSM has migrated data from CRM and support systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Siebel Systems, Oracle, NetSuite, Zendesk and more to Salesforce. In addition, our advisors have migrated data from custom data stores, ERP systems, and more into Salesforce.

For companies migrating from Salesforce, RSM has migrated data from one Salesforce organization to another Salesforce organization, such as in the case of a company acquisition where both parties are using Salesforce. In addition to these data migrations, we can work with you to consolidate business and technology processes where appropriate in order to have an optimized combined system.

In other cases, RSM has led complex organizational splits, where a company may be spinning off a smaller organization, requiring separate business processes and data to be split.

Why RSM?

Service Provider
Our team has been there before. Our team is comprised of sales, marketing, support, operations executives and managers as well as Salesforce administrators. We understand your needs.

Solutions Advisor
We leverage best practices from working with hundreds of companies across dozens of industries. Every business is different and we provide our expertise so that you gain a significant competitive advantage.

System Integrator
We always architect Salesforce Solutions for flexibility and growth. When applicable, we leverage native functionality and design our solutions to be as future-proofed as possible.

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