Wireless Assessment

Helping you understand your current state of wireless security

Most organizations are using some sort of wireless technology to support their employees or customers which makes it an increasingly prominent target for cyberattacks. Wireless networks provide convenience and mobility, but bring their own risks that are often overlooked as organizations test and secure their environments.

RSM’s wireless security testing is performed to identify flaws in wireless implementations so you can better protect your organization from emerging threats. By utilizing some of the same techniques hackers use, our wireless assessment provides a realistic picture of your susceptibility to wireless attacks. It also helps you determine whether data, systems and other wireless users are being properly protected.

During the wireless testing, RSM identifies and attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in your wireless networks, with the ultimate goal of obtaining access to critical data and systems. Specifically, the assessment involves:

  • Surveying access points
  • Attempting to connect to your wireless networks
  • Performing rogue access point and evil-twin attacks
  • Capturing and cracking pre-shared key handshakes
  • Conducting network attacks if access is obtained

Our assessment provides insight into critical wireless security issues, such as weak encryption methods, inadequate client configurations, or the presence of rogue access points. By identifying vulnerabilities, inconsistencies and misconfigurations, these assessments not only improve security posture but can also help achieve compliance with certain regulatory frameworks.