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Pre- and post-breach risks and ways you can protect your data


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Most industries are vulnerable to data attacks and security breaches, but according to recent statistics, the consumer products industry is near the top of the target list. That’s one group where you don’t want to be leading the charge. What are the weaknesses that are allowing attackers to compromise the data of consumer products companies, and just as important, what are some of the missteps organizations are making post-breach that increases the duration and expense of the incident?

Some of the more common data breach methods occurring in consumer products companies include:

  • Client-side attacks
  • Custom malware
  • Social engineering
  • Web app attacks
  • Ransomware

When your environment has been compromised by one of the attack methods above, your next step is a post-breach containment strategy that helps you ride out the storm and, hopefully, means just a brief interruption for your business.

Read the white paper to learn more about the importance of continuous security monitoring and the necessity of a robust incident response plan.


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