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How efficient is your security program?


According to RSM's MMBI Cybersecurity Special Report, 95% of middle market executives claim that they are confident in their current security stance; but early 2020 has shown how quickly threats can change and new vulnerabilities can emerge. These threats, coupled with the changing economy, have many organizations wondering if their security program is running as efficiently and effectively as it should.

To help organizations quantify the efficiency of their security program, RSM is offering a complimentary 45-minute consultation to discuss your current security tools, policies and programs. During this consultation, we will cover:

  • The composition of your security program
  • The structure of your security team
  • How your business uses security tools and technologies
  • The operation of your security program

After the consultation, you will receive a quantified security efficiency score and personalized recommendations to improve your security program's effectiveness.

Security Effiicency Assessment