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Cloud computing: Security, privacy and strategy for the boardroom



A growing number of companies are considering moving some of their operations into "the cloud" to realize cost savings. While this strategy can help quickly reduce expenditures in IT infrastructure, software and staff and often provide a more secure IT environment, many organizations don't fully understand the underlying risks.That's where risk oversight by a company's board becomes paramount.

In this NACD BoardVision episode, Daimon Geopfert, RSM's national leader for security and privacy consulting, discusses what board members need to know before their company integrates the cloud into its operations. He addresses topics, including:

  • The three issues boards should focus on in their oversight roles
  • The trade-offs in regulatory and legal risks that may be present when transitioning to a cloud-based environment
  • The pros and cons of "outsourcing" to the cloud
  • The differences between public and private clouds and the scenarios where one or the other may be a preferred solution

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