Valuation Advisory

Turning valuation complexity into opportunity

There are few things more complex—or more important—than establishing an accurate valuation of an organization’s tangible, intangible and financial assets. RSM’s valuation advisory team has the practical, market-savvy experience to research and deliver accurate, defensible valuation data, which can enhance your company’s strategic, operational or financial objectives.

Our key valuation advisory services include:

Business valuation services

It takes both professional training and real-world experience to evaluate the objective value of a business and its underlying assets. At RSM, our valuation team delivers on both fronts, providing support for financial reporting (such as purchase price allocation valuation, complex financial instruments and mark-to-market valuations), valuations for tax purposes and dispute advisory services. We also offer three distinct levels of valuation reports to support pricing decisions for potential mergers, acquisitions, investments or public offerings.

Fixed asset valuation services

From machinery and merchandise to furniture and fixtures, fixed assets are an important component to your company’s balance sheet. Our team provides specialized valuation support for financial reporting issues (such as fair value financial reporting or impairment testing services) and tax valuation services, which means you receive the accurate and defensible valuation data you need to make sound business planning decisions.


Real estate valuation services

Real estate values are determined by a range of complex dynamics, which are often difficult for internal staff to properly assess. Our professionals regularly establish real estate values for private and public entities, including REITs, joint ventures, property managers, brokers, developers, investors and Fortune 100 companies. Many of our professionals are certified real estate appraisers with deep experience completing debt valuations, acquisition and loan underwriting due diligence, third-party and internal valuation reviews, feasibility studies, market research, cash flow modeling and tenant credit reviews.