Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Creating value through ESG and sustainability

In recent years, there has been growing emphasis on the importance and benefits of environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, fueled by changing demographics and attitudes toward social responsibility in business. In the middle market, which is becoming more competitive, there is increasing pressure for companies to demonstrate sustainability and transparency within their organizations and supply chains. Within manufacturing and energy industries, this may include a company’s interaction with the physical environment, its impact on society and the communities where it does business, and how it conducts its policies and actions to address ethical concerns and other issues. Within asset management and private equity, this may include increased accountability on the social impacts of investments, how they deploy capital, and the importance of data, communications and ESG reporting.

ESG matters regardless of a company’s industry or sector, or if it is public or private. It could make the difference between securing capital or missing out on opportunities, achieving top-line growth or losing customers, enjoying strategic freedom or suffering restrictions on your business. Now more than ever, the focus is on gaining alignment around organizational purpose, values and the goals of society.

Our RSM professionals have invested considerable resources toward helping clients to understand the impact of ESG on their business, as well as how to measure the sustainability and societal impact of their investments. Through ESG advisory services, including managed services, management consulting and deal consulting, RSM can help you develop a comprehensive framework and implement ESG into a corporate strategy as a way to achieve better financial and nonfinancial performance.

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