Accounting, tax and financial reporting challenges for life sciences

Staying ahead of reform and regulations for life sciences businesses

Today’s business world is entrenched in an evolving landscape of complex tax reform, detailed financial reporting demands and rigorous regulatory compliance. Middle market life sciences companies like yours, due to the multifaceted nature of your business, must remain ever diligent on a variety of fronts. Many of the policy reforms affecting your operations may open or close markets while also affect your supply chains and costs. Failure to comply could mean missed opportunities or expose your business to fines and penalties, enterprise disruptions and more.

From revenue recognition and lease accounting compliance to tax considerations and protective efforts related to corruption, fraud and data breaches, it’s a never-ending endeavor to stay on top of the latest rules, regulations and best practices.



Mass. court holds biotech firm engaged in substantial manufacturing

California biotech firm sees larger corporate tax bill after Massachusetts high court determination that it was engaged in manufacturing.


Changes to revenue recognition in the life sciences industry

A white paper about how entities in the life sciences industry may be affected by the new revenue recognition guidance in ASC 606.


EU value added tax refund potential for pharmaceutical companies

A recent opinion by the Advocate General (AG) for the European Court of Justice (ECJ) opens the door for pharmaceutical companies to potentially claw back previously charged value added tax (VAT).