Sage Intacct for franchises

To help grow your franchise efficiently as well as improve and simplify consolidations, RSM meets your problems head-on.

Sage Intacct for franchises manages multi-entity accounting, reporting, open API and more.

As a franchise thrives, its accounting typically becomes increasingly complex and less efficient. Sage Intacct not only assists a franchise to grow effectively, but it also simplifies and improves consolidations, decreasing the time of some processes from days to just minutes. This permits more visibility across several locations. RSM’s advisors offer Sage Intacct solutions powered by knowledge and best practices to our franchise clients, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Multi-entity accounting

Consolidating all your entities into just one report is as easy as pushing a button. Sage Intacct lets you quickly and easily add entities as you gain and build new locations. With a shared chart of accounts and dimension structure, all the essentials are already set up, and you can create new entities in a short amount of time. The multi-entity structure also lets you create all intercompany transactions automatically.

You no longer have to go back and forth between entities, manually creating the intercompany accounts receivables and payables. Also, the multi-entity structure gives you the ability to give managers and directors access to just their locations. Dashboards with real-time visibility can be built into each one of those locations.

When you partner with RSM, you get a team who deeply understands the needs of its franchise clients. Our advisors help you use Intacct to automate your workflow, decrease manual signatures and get approvals for AP bills, purchasing transactions and payments.

RSM helped us design…our new financial system.
John Kalinowski, Controller, Alder Partners

Planet Fitness Franchisee Grows 3X While Saving $100,000 Annually

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