Microsoft Power Platform

RSM’s Power Factory brings to life Microsoft’s Power Platform with a secure and composable architecture to help you move forward with confidence

Microsoft Copilot for Service and Microsoft Copilot Studio

RSM recently participated with Microsoft at Microsoft Ignite to showcase our latest innovation around AI with Copilot for Service and Copilot Studio. Watch the case study video below. 

See RSM’s AppSource Offering: Microsoft Copilot for Service: 2-month Implementation.

What is the Power Platform?

Organizations require several technology tools to operate effectively, but often those solutions are disparate and disconnected and may not yield the projected results. The remedy? Power Platform, which brings several powerful tools together, can revolutionize your applications and processes across every key facet of your business. With a low-code or pro-code approach, the connected applications within the Power Platform make it easy to develop efficient solutions.

Power BI

Power BI

Power Apps

Power Apps

Power Pages

Power Pages

Power Automate


Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents

RSM’s Power Factory

The RSM Power Factory empowers customers with the capability to effortlessly interact with services, monitor expenditures, and adopt a unified approach to construct and oversee their composable infrastructure through a seamless omnichannel experience.

The RSM Power Factory helps to design and develop digital solutions utilizing Fusion Development Lifecycle to mix low code and pro code components into composable platforms to meet business needs and evolve over time with technology and changing business environments.

Composable business solutions are modular solutions that can be combined to create a more complex solution. By using these components, our RSM clients can create a customized platform that meets specific business needs and can evolve over time with technology and changing business environments.

Composable Business Platforms

Composable business platform applies the core principles of composability (modularity, autonomy, orchestration and discovery) to the foundations of its business architecture (the business model, enterprise operations and strategy) to master the risk of change and reach untapped business value in an evolving digital landscape.

Incorporating composability into digital business enables the enterprise or public agency to change and grow despite persistent uncertainty. Instead of avoiding the risk of change, executive leaders must reinvent their thinking to see change as a well-trusted tool for business resilience and growth.

Fusion Development Cycle

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Making right engineering choices between the low code and code first and business apps

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Building complex solutions and platforms using the most efficient proportion of the tools and approaches, delivering best in class solutions at scale

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Bridging the gap between siloed service organizations that inherently focused on either low code, code first or first party app as their only tool

RSM Power Factory Service Model

RSM’s Power Factory brings the Microsoft Power Platform to life providing a full list of end-2-end capabilities required for services across the entire platform development lifecycle in a sustainable and consistent way.

The Power Factory acts as a hub of knowledge, collaboration, and innovation that drives the organization's growth, competitiveness, and ability to excel in platform engineering services.


RSM teams capture KPI's and organization business outcomes and strategy to outline targeted goals, outcomes and requirements along data management, process improvement and technology integration.


RSM teams help model processes to identify relationships among data elements and functional capabilities to design strategically focused system architecture. 

Technology & Infrastructure

RSM teams help to plan for system integration and alignment with process/data specifications strategically.

Data & Information

RSM teams help to identify data elements to manage throughout business processes and system architecture in accordance with Finance strategy.

Applications & Systems

RSM teams help to build and integrate all required applications according to the strategy and investment plan using the most efficient combinations of low-code and code-first instruments.

Client case study: G&J Pepsi

We now fully utilize the entire Microsoft ecosystem of tools: Microsoft Teams for collaboration, M365, Azure, D365 and the Power platform to bring about rapid development, solutions and RPAs to automate work that was once manual.
Brian Balzer, VP Digital Technology & Business Transformation, G&J Pepsi

RSM’s advisors have the experience and insight necessary to help you take full advantage of the Microsoft Power Platform, with limitless possibilities for innovation as your needs grow. The comprehensive solution delivers end-to-end business applications with the ability to quickly and easily build custom apps, automate workflows to enhance productivity, analyze data, design and publish modern websites, and build intelligent bots. 

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