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Leveraging automation to strengthen key business processes and boost efficiency

Many companies are discovering their highly talented employees are working on mundane and time-consuming tasks that support many business processes. While these activities are necessary, they also take time away from more valuable critical thinking, which advances the company and leads to achieving business objectives. Not only is this a waste of talent, but it also reduces overall productivity and morale.

RSM US LLP’s experienced consultants can help you identify prime areas within your organization where robots can increase efficiency and accuracy within many previously manual processes. Robotic process automation (RPA) employs software robots––known as bots––to execute structured, repeatable and logic-based tasks by mimicking the actions taken by existing human staff. RSM has developed specific methodologies so we can quickly identify your processes that can benefit from automation and subsequently improve speed and accuracy.

Making RPA work for you

As experienced RPA professionals, your RSM team understands how to create bots to lower costs and increase efficiencies in many business areas. While implementing bots can help significantly streamline your business, they can also introduce risk, regardless of the process for which they are used. That is why we’ve also developed a customized approach and framework to ensure your bots are under proper control and governance.

A holistic automation approach

In addition, RSM advisors can uncover opportunities that combine RPA with other automation technologies to provide a complete approach with greater productivity and insight across applications.  For example, our team can create integrations with generative AI platforms, creating more powerful overall solutions, inspiring greater return on investment and enabling RPA to be used in more applications than ever before.

Transform your business processes with RPA

Our RPA solutions provide several pivotal benefits to your organization, including:

Minimal impact on operations

Continuous, automatic discovery rapidly uncovers processes and variations with minimal disruption to employee workflows.

Enabling automation at scale

Maps enterprise processes to develop a long-term opportunity pipeline and recognize the value of automation at scale.

Reducing manual labor

Reduces skilled human labor efforts on manual, low-value tasks, enabling experienced individuals to refocus effort on higher-value activities.

Improving process efficiency

Reduces errors in critical process steps and expedites process execution to optimize operational performance.

Simplifying operations

Consolidates automation in a centralized location to simplify operations and streamline the management of digital workers.

Increasing transparency

Provide consistent visibility into the health of core business processes to measure performance and value of investment.

Additional insights and solutions to achieve your organization’s goals

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