Solutions guide for risk leaders

A strategic approach to managing risk

Addressing governance and compliance, technology risk, and cybersecurity challenges is at the center of building a more resilient business. Yet today’s tangle of risks and regulations make managing risk more difficult than ever.

How can your organization adopt a more inclusive, strategic approach to not only meet the risk challenges you face today, but also deliver a framework for ongoing risk management as your business grows? How can you address cybersecurity and data privacy at the speed of modern business? And how can your company develop the executive talent required to oversee and manage risk in today’s complex environment?

In the Solutions guide for risk leaders: A strategic approach to managing risk, you will learn a three-step approach that helps you assess the current state of your organization, remediate immediate threats and risk levels, and build a long-term framework for risk management—including the ability to keep systems and processes up-to-date and effective.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Common reasons for an assessment
  • Types of assessments
  • Key questions to ask during the assessment process
  • How to better understand levels of assessment
  • How to prioritize risks and threats
  • What to do if a breach occurs
  • How to approach tools and technologies that will better protect your organization in the future.
  • How to build out a strategic risk management framework that can stand the test of time—and all the various changes that may be tossed your way.

You can also discover how three organizations have successfully navigated risk management—and built a better framework for tackling governance and compliance, vulnerability and cybersecurity issues.

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