Expect specificity in Salesforce team qualifications and roles

Finding the right Salesforce partner: Part 3 of 6

Sep 25, 2020

Simply put, the right resources with required certifications and experience are critical to a Salesforce project’s on-time and on-budget success and helps ensure work is done right the first time. In addition, projects with qualified resources will provide a higher level of expertise and guidance on best practices and optimal ways to maximize Salesforce value.

The right resources when you need them

Salesforce projects begin with in-depth resource plans that align qualified resources with specific skill-sets and experience. This detail in the project plan will minimize risk and waste and provide critical visibility that avoids surprises.

Salesforce partners should provide this level of resource detail at the start of the project, so the whole project and required resources are well defined. Expect names and roles to be provided at this point as well.

The project plan’s details must also include the client’s responsibilities, required resources and deliverables schedule. Given that most client resources perform their regular daily duties simultaneously, be sure to discuss any potential risk to their availability.

Aligning Salesforce certification and experience

The Salesforce platform comprises multiple cloud offerings (e.g., Service Cloud), and each one is further enhanced with additional advanced capabilities (e.g., CTI). Given this level of complexity, any staff working on the project must complete required certifications by Salesforce in their product area of focus, as well as ongoing certification updates. Ask for the list of certifications of all project staff.

Ideally, staff members will have multiple certifications, covering not only one product area but also associated products (e.g., Service Cloud and Customer Experience). These additional certifications raise the level of integrated Salesforce expertise, enabling you to have the project performed with a smaller team and greater efficiency.

The possession of required Salesforce certificates, while important, is the minimal requirement. In addition to certifications, you should require prior product experience of anyone leading the project’s primary areas. The more experienced they are, the more valuable they will be for you and your project. This higher level of expertise means they can guide you with a broader scope of best practices and understand the unique aspects of potential use cases relevant to your business environment. Without experienced staff, you may miss opportunities to maximize your Salesforce investment and optimize your operation—and, lack of experience will introduce risk to your project.

Determining and organizing the right resources for a project is a significant part of the RSM project methodology. It enables our projects to be successful and a positive experience for both clients and RSM team members.