Case Study

RSM accelerator seamlessly transitions Tango Card’s acquisition data

Reduce time and effort to move data from Dynamics GP to NetSuite

Jun 28, 2021


Tango Card is a rewards and incentives company that offers a platform for organizations to drive consumer and employee engagement programs. Founded in Seattle in 2009, the company has expanded to three offices and over 180 employees who work with more than 3,000 enterprise customers and more than 300 gift card brand partners to deliver more than 2 million rewards monthly.


Tango Card acquired, another respected brand in the rewards and incentives space. had an attractive customer base and a physical fulfillment operation, providing multiple reward redemption options. The acquisition presented an opportunity to extend Tango Card’s clientele while diversifying reward delivery capabilities.

From an enterprise resource planning (ERP) perspective, Tango Card was a longtime user of NetSuite; utilized Microsoft Dynamics GP. To successfully integrate into the Tango Card family, it sought to unify systems and bring crucial data from Dynamics GP into the existing NetSuite system.

“We identified the need early to start a Dynamics GP deprecation effort and get data closer to the source,” said Tango Card’s Director of Business Systems Adam Cole. “They had custom-built integrations, and we needed to access the underlying data, get it in our data warehouse and ultimately bring it into NetSuite while deprecating other systems.”


As Tango Card worked to complete the company and customer integration, it turned its focus to uniting the two disparate ERP systems. Tango Card already worked with RSM for NetSuite OneWorld and general support, so the two companies began discussing the best way to migrate’s data to NetSuite.

“We reached out to RSM to see if they had something up their sleeve—and of course, they did,” commented Cole.

The RSM team had recently developed the Dynamics GP-to-NetSuite Accelerator, a tool to help companies facing the same challenge Tango Card had encountered: transitioning data from Dynamics GP to NetSuite. Though the general ledger was already set up and the customer records were transitioned, the main challenge for Tango Card was to migrate open accounts receivable (AR) while also bringing in the original invoice information. had a fairly large universe of data to transition, with over 800 records. RSM pulled in the open AR—first in a test environment and then in a final transition after Tango Card signed off on the process. In total, the data import took about three hours, and that included some work Tango Card performed to restrict access on the database and double-checking the data after the fact.

Tango Card has people from the acquisition with knowledge of Dynamics GP as users, but they are not technical and did not know the inner workings of how the database was structured.

“We did not have that expertise in house, and because of that, we did not have a clear path to do an export/import as we approached the end of our process,” said Cole. “We had done a lot of work on our end to get customer and item records into NetSuite, but when it came to the AR, and particularly open invoices, we needed guidance.”

The streamlined Dynamics GP-to-NetSuite Accelerator data transfer process saved a significant amount of time for Tango Card. For example, in a common data transfer between Dynamics GP and NetSuite, scrubbing and reformatting may take 2–3 hours. The accelerator has taken that process down to the customer master file level and reduced the migration time to minutes.

In this project, without the need for data scrubbing with the open AR, the accelerator likely saved 3–4 hours of data review. All told, the accelerator enhanced the efficiency of Tango Card’s integration process, potentially saving 12–16 hours of time in a typical data migration process.

“I estimate that we probably would have spent weeks trying to pull all of our data together,” said Cole. “We could spend that time and figure it out, or RSM was offering to help us and hold our hands through it. We ended up going that route, and it was clearly the right decision.”


The plug-and-play Dynamics GP-to-NetSuite Accelerator has increased the efficiency and accuracy of integrating a new acquisition into Tango Card’s NetSuite environment. The straightforward process was a game changer because of how much time it saved and how much easier it was than traditional methods.

“It was immediately clear that RSM had done this before and understood the process and challenges,” commented Cole. “Great Plains was not an ERP system that we had dealt with previously; RSM helped us understand the structure, and the team was confident throughout the whole process.”

Key benefits of RSM’s Dynamics GP-to-NetSuite Accelerator for Tango Card include:

  • A more efficient platform to transfer data between ERP systems
  • Reducing the pain related to transitioning open AR
  • Flexibility to transition the entirety of the data or target specific areas
We have worked extensively with RSM, and in this effort, as with all others, we have been more than pleased with the consulting and guidance we have received. This transition was part of a larger effort, and this project helped us keep things on track. Ultimately, it was a success story.
Adam Cole, Director of Business Systems, Tango Card