Leveraging NetSuite and ProScope to strengthen construction operations

Jun 08, 2022
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Making commercial and residential construction more efficient, effective and profitable

Is your construction company operating at its full potential? Rising material costs, an uncertain labor market, surging demand for new construction and a reliance on manual processes have increased the complexity of bringing projects from the drawing board to completion. A delicate balance of planning, management and technology are necessary for success, regardless of the size and scope of your projects.

Read "Making commercial and residential construction more efficient, effective and profitable", a new guide from Oracle NetSuite and RSM, to understand how a cloud ERP can address your unique requirements and help you work through today’s evolving challenges. RSM combines NetSuite with the fully native ProScope application to eliminate your key technology pain points, deliver enhanced project-based functionality and provide greater control of projects from start to finish.

Greater insight into data can help guide your company’s processes, from managing subsidiaries and project costs to gaining better visibility over operations and making better use of available labor. NetSuite and ProScope provide a complete project accounting picture from which your organization can make decisions that ultimately drive profitability.

Companies need centralized data that they can trust is accurate and consistent across the enterprise
Nick Grandy, RSM construction and real estate senior analyst

With more than 3,200 construction and real estate clients nationwide, RSM understands the challenges and obstacles your organization faces, and develops proactive solutions to strengthen your operations.

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