Disease and Outbreak Management System

A comprehensive solution built by epidemiologists for epidemiologists

Quick access to quality data is critical to an effective disease prevention and control application. The ability to accurately collect and analyze data in a timely fashion is a key part of making correct decisions regarding individual patient care and case management. To aid in this effort, RSM offers the Disease and Outbreak Management System for state and county government agencies to use in connection with electronic health records (EHRs), laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and other data sources.

A few of the solutions you can expect to find in RSM’s Disease and Outbreak Management System:

Outbreak Management

Structured process that allows for team assignments, case aggregation, risk analysis and response planning. Triggers from Syndromic Surveillance can initiate the identification and validation of the outbreak.

Case Management

Case definitions from CDC pre-loaded for 73 diseases with auto assigned queue management for work distribution. Multiple status indicators provide insight into the case management process and the stage that each patient is at.

Disease Definition

Diseases are managed by end users with the ability to define the symptoms and questions for epidemiological information gathering. Symptom definitions can be changed at any time to optimize the need to gather information as the disease is currently being managed.

The state of Hawaii has approximately 950,000 residents on Oahu eligible for services for Isolation/Quarantine stay and community support services. This system has replaced multiple spreadsheets, calls, and messaging mechanisms for sending data provided by the Department of Health Behavioral Health Administration BHA and has allowed all the guest information to be easily accessible and in one place for the first time, to better serve families and stop the spread of COVID-19.
Derek Vale, Health Systems Management Office Chief, State of Hawaii Department of Health, Behavioral Health Administration, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division

What you can expect

The Disease and Outbreak Management System integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide:

  • Case management and contact tracing for all reportable conditions including Novel Coronavirus
  • Mobile or web-based intake application
  • Outbreak surveillance and monitoring
  • Vaccine management
  • Isolation/Quarantine
  • Integrated disease surveillance and response
  • Role-based security
  • Heat mapping capabilities
  • Guided business process flows and built-in business rules
  • Dashboards, alerts and notifications
  • Government regulation and policy compliance
  • Laboratory document repository
  • Simplified report creation
  • Access for local health departments via secure web-based interface
  • Mobile and offline capability
  • Customizable solution to meet your needs
  • On-premise or cloud-based solution availability
  • HIE incorporated into solution set
  • Location reporting to assist in the monitoring of healthcare-associated infections