3 challenges Dynamics 365 Customer Service can help solve

Apr 29, 2022
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Dynamics 365 Customer Service can streamline support resources and improve customer experience

The customer relationship doesn’t end with the sale of a product or service. Ongoing contact and support are critical to customer service and satisfaction, and ultimately—sales pipeline.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is designed to cost-effectively enable continuing support of the customer relationship before, during and after the sale.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service can provide several high-level benefits for midmarket companies. For example, it can scale as needed, it provides a centralized platform for omni-channel service, and it integrates with Microsoft 365 collaboration tools like Teams and SharePoint.

In addition, Dynamics 365 Customer Service is an integral tool to help you overcome three common customer service challenges:

Your customer support call center can’t keep up

Trends such as escalating e-commerce, supply chain disruptions, and expectations for always-on personalized support are putting pressure on call centers. Dynamics 365 Customer Service augments live agents with new ways for customers to communicate, such as virtual agents and chat functions.

It also enables faster response using automation and artificial intelligence (AI). The system can automatically tell customers that their requests have been received and provide status updates; and AI-driven technology empowers agents to solve customer issues faster by sending them suggestions on how to respond based on customer records.

You need more streamlined omnichannel support

 Customers don’t always interact with the same agent or within the same channel. If you’re managing service with different platforms for different channels, you’re likely using too many resources for less-effective results.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service captures and displays a 360-degree view of customers to all users, so no matter who is interacting with the customer, they can access comprehensive and consistent customer records of past communications in a centralized location.

Additionally, agents use the same interface to interact with the customer in their preferred channel, including voice, chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter DM and Line.

You want to lower support costs but build brand loyalty

The automations in Dynamics 365 Customer Service help to lower support costs and improve customer experience. For example, the system can automatically route issues to the correct team, minimizing the resolution time, and you can set service level agreements to ensure that you can serve your customers in an accelerated and timely manner.

Other capabilities that lower cost and improve service are customer access to knowledge bases and sharing knowledge through customer portals. The system can make recommendations for customers in these fully self-service environments.

Finally, your company can leverage Dynamics 365’s Customer Voice to gather customer feedback. You can use this data to gain deeper insights into how your customers are feeling about their experience with your company.

Tuning Dynamics for your specific needs

As powerful as Dynamics 365 Customer Service is, it becomes even more powerful when the implementation is planned specifically for how your organization works, the industry you’re in, and your strategic goals. This is where RSM helps midmarket companies.

We’ve helped all types of organizations identify and use the right Microsoft applications, platforms and tools for where they are today and where they want to go tomorrow.

RSM is a gold-certified Microsoft enterprise partner with decades of experience in industries such as retail, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, nonprofit, life sciences and industrials. We have more than 1,000 consultants with deep industry knowledge and access to proprietary applications that accelerate time-to-value for Microsoft solutions.  

You can trust RSM for lifetime support guided by a business-first mentality that combines Microsoft experience with broader services in management and technology consulting, risk advisory, tax, IT infrastructure, data/analytics and more. 

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